Commercial software with similar RIG?

For all of 3D Gurus, what is, among commercial 3D software, the one that as a rigging more similar to Blender?

Thank you!

I’m no “3d guru”, but you can download 30 day trial versions of 3dsmax, and Softimage XSI Foundation.

Houdini and Maya both have ‘learning editions’ that you can download. XSI has the ‘mod tool’ which is almost identical to XSI-Foundation with the notable exception of not being able to render animations.

All of those packages use some form of ‘bones’ / envelopes / weight painting.

Why do you ask?


I made an internet search about rigging and there are some books and tutorials that, i believe, about good rigging, but they’re expecific to some apps. Maybe i can learn something from it, but don’t wish to break my head translating between very diferent apps.
If that’s not possible, i think i prefer the trial and error method.

If you know some good books that can help Blender fans (ex: me).

Thank you very much!

duplicate post

I think that sketchy Ludwig is amazing, but it’s that kind of figure (human) expecific (of course very bones relations can be used in other things). I want something that explains the base of rigging, (rigid, deformed, mechanics and some other things that i don’t even know).
Thank you the same.