Commercial Tracking Software?

Hey, I’m very familiar with Icarus, and have been using it to track my videos for some time.
Now I’m looking at starting a new business, but Icarus is ‘non-commercial’ that means I can’t use it to make money right?
So I’m looking for a cheap alternative that is compatible with Blender.

Anyone know of any?

Thanks guys!

Well I have not used any commercail ones, but in a lot of talking and looking… SynthEyes looks the best for the lowest price :

Also yes non-commercial means you cannot sell things from it…

Hope that helps…

That SynthEyes looks pretty good… and there’s a demo version, which I may have a look at. I wonder what the processing time is like in comparison to icarus.

boujou is popular here

Hi all

Not to repeat what is said on here alot…

But Voodoo can be used for commercial projects, but the SOFTWARE is non-commercial (ie free, but not Open-source). This is NOT the case with Icarus.


Hi !

I have tried Voodoo. It works fine and is very easy to use with Blender.

It is fully automated, and does’nt allows inserting points manually, but it works very well.

I have used it in the Flying Saucer short sequence (study) available here at the bottom of the list on my download page :

I must add a simple warning, because when I did my first trial I thought that the script didn’t work. After importing the animation in Blender with the script, the camera didn’t move.

Here is the reason why:

When you use a sequence of images (you can’t use an AVI file in Voodoo), each file has a number.

For my own, I have no video camera, so I used a digital photo camera and I made a panorama frame by frame.

The first image file of the sequence had a name like 000620.JPG, so Voodoo created Ipo curves for the camera, starting at frame 620 !

When I launched the animation in Blender, I haven’t seen anything moving, because the camera was steady until frame 620.

So, be carefull and look at the Ipo curve (Shift it on time axis if necessary), or rename the whole sequence to make the animation start at frame 1.