Commercial Visualisation

Hey guys,

Quick Project for a client. Had to work with a 110 deg. panorama for this shot (hence the acute perspective). I hope you like it!


this one is really nice!

@Mara: thank you very much :slight_smile: the attachment was compressed to 300kb from 1.4mb, so the image quality amis pretty crippled ATM. I might put a link to a HD 3k x 3k version in the description :slight_smile: again thank you!

very nice mood!

@walli : thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Cute ! Nice Colorsheme.

Postprocessing in Photoshop I guess ?

Kind regards

@alain : Thanks!:slight_smile: most was done in PS yes. The colour scheme was largely due to HDR lighting :slight_smile:

I would like to see this HD version :slight_smile:

Is Cycles your main rendersoftware ?

Kind regards

wow perfect - I like the attention to details like the birds!

noice :slight_smile: I like this one also. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great render and that sky is amazing.

Hi. This is full professional work. Nice colors of evening time.

Nice scene - lots of interesting details and textures.

Nicely done!

Wow thanks for the response guys! :slight_smile:

@Mara: I will start uploading it to hosting now! :slight_smile:
@Alain: I used octane render for this one, but the results could easily be re-created in cycles! :slight_smile:
@cekuhnen: Thanks man, that means alot! :slight_smile:
@ctdabomb: Haha thank you! I always appreciate your comments!:slight_smile:
@Safetyman: Thank you kindly! The sky is a combination of various images, done in PS :slight_smile:
@Gucias: I very much appreciate your comment! thank you! :slight_smile:
@Kelly: Thank you Kelly! :slight_smile: the devil is in the detail.
@etoya: Thank you ! :slight_smile:

And why didn’t you do it with Cycles ? :wink:

Do you use other Software than Blender and Octane for your renderings ?
What’s the main software you use ?

Kind regards

Zowie! You pegged it! :smiley:

(“Ka-whack!” It’s high right down the center, high over second base … it’s going … it’s going … it’s gone!")

@Alain: The software used in my workflow consists of Sketchup, Blender, Octane and Photoshop :slight_smile:
@sundialsvc4: Haha, thank you very much for your compliments! :slight_smile:


​Should be featured :slight_smile: