Hi we did this comertial at the studio, it´s not only Blender, it´s animated in Max and rendered in Mentalray but I did modelled stuff in Blender, some things are very difficult to model in ligthwave or maya or max but quite easy in blender, specially becouse dupliframes and curve modifier, and now with the array modifier is even nicer :slight_smile:

That’s awesome!

By the way, it’s spelled “Commercial” :smiley:

hey wheres all the attention here? o_O this is fantastic! Animation like this takes soooo much work, all the character animation is beautifully done!

Great to see that you are using Blender in your workflow aswell, great to hear it being useful in studio situation =D

Damn wheres a star rating system already =P




Thats quality

Thats very VERY good, i hope you show us more!

Oh and that download…It’s to slow

:slight_smile: Ub3r F4sT!

That’s great. So the 3D portions and the DOP are all blender? I am proud to see that is done with Blender. Very Impressive.

Thanks! As I said I used Blender for my modelling, but the other guys used Ligthwave for modelling, Max for rigging and animation and Mentalray for rendering. But I have made some little projects entirely in Blender, one of them for Pepsi :slight_smile: My friends are jealous about Blender´s fluid solver and a lot more things muahaha 8)

I´m glad you like it, see you!

how is that? I get 3000kb/sec here when my cable connection is capped to 500kb.
took 5 sec to get the file…