I have used blender for about two years now but have never posted anything online. This is my first serious project. It is a short commercial which I am competing with in a competition hosted by a Swedish web hotel. I have for a while wanted to post something here to to get some criticism on my work, and now when I have a video online I saw my chance. :slight_smile:

I would love to hear some comments about the movie, but please post it in this thread and not on youtube, because the movie is posted through the web hotel’s yt-channel and not mine own. I’ll however be glad if you “like” the movie to help me in the competition. If you don’t like the movie and want to press dislike, I wont be angry. :wink:

I have used:

  • Blender 2.53 Beta for the 3d-parts,
  • Photoshop for editing textures,
  • Premiere Pro for editing the movie and adding sounds
  • Audition to record and edit some sounds.

The most of the textures I downloaded from
Most of the sounds I downloaded from

Thank you

The movie:

o its great dear. i have watched it .good one