commerical animation work for startup {confidentially required}

We are looking for a freelance blender animation artist that can create a short commercial including audio and animation of our mascot for use on social media as an advertisement.

As the concept is highly unique there will be need for a non disclosure agreement.

The work can be done on an hourly basis and there is no strict deadline.

Looking forward to any interested freelancer reactions and hopefully you can become part of the next big thing the internet is going to see.

To give you an idea how the agreement will look like I will paste the text here below;

Service- & Non Disclosure- Agreement

Project deliverable:
* To create a 5 second animation/video including audio to be shown on social media, and other venues with a large exposure like youtube, as an advertisement for a new startup. The  advertisement will convey all important bits in 5 seconds.
* Our mascot, of which we have several svg’s, is to play an animated central role in the video.
* The project structure should be easy to adapt in terms of audio clips, overlay texts and static background images used so that it is easy to render multiple versions of the video for different audiences.

The undersigned:
Mr. {………….}, Dutch passport holder with id {id} registered at {address}, being the project owner (hereafter referred to as PO), also the client of the below mentioned freelancer / service provider.


{…………...}, {nationality} passport holder with id {id} registered at {address}, being the freelancer / service provider (hereafter referred to as SP).

Agree to the following and/or declare the following:

Technical requirements:
* That SP has available a high speed and stable internet for trouble free connection with a dedicated development system connected to via RDP.
* That SP has a working microphone and webcam and that SP is available for video call meetings when SP is logged into the development system.
* That SP makes sure having experience with;
	- Blender
	- (3d) Animation
	- Design

SP soft-skill requirements:
* That SP declares an ability to write and speak correct English that is intelligible for Europeans.

Project specifics:
* That SP has taken note of that source code may never be copied / transferred off of the development systems provided by PO.
* That SP can work Monday to Friday between 09:00 CET and 17:00 CET with a minimum of 24 hours per week.
* That SP will charge PO an E{rate} hourly rate for services rendered: 

Developer monitoring and non disclosure agreement:
* That SP has taken note of that each development system has specialized commercial monitoring software that tracks and records all developer actions. 
* That the tracker also will signal when a breach of confidentiality by SP is detected (e.g. trying to copy/paste code to your local computer, email code, visiting prohibited (including but not limited to email websites such as hotmail and gmail, code sharing sites such as github) websites, etc), using FTP to copy or move code from the development system. PO will then review with SP what triggered this alarm and how to prevent it if PO determines breach was not intentional.
* That disclosing of conceptual and / or commercial details by SP ,to anyone and/or any party, regarding any of PO’s projects is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the contract and will void any outstanding invoices
* Should a breach result in financial / commercial / strategic / competitive damage to PO, SP will be held liable. 

Resignation notice period:
* That during the first week OP can cancel the cooperation at any time.
* That during the first week SP can resign at any time.
* That after the first week OP must give a cancellation notice period of 1 week to SP.
* That after the first week SP must give a resignation notice period of 2 week to OP.
* Once the project is completed the contract is considered to have been terminated.

Invoicing and payment term:
* That SP shall employ a weekly invoicing period with each invoice having a 2 week payment term. * That the hours SP will invoice will be determined by the tracking software based on SP’s activity. Idle time, i.e. non interaction with the development system, will be deducted from the start and end time delta.
* That SP explicitly agrees to that SP forfeits eligibility for payment, by means of implicit credit invoice, of outstanding invoices in case SP breaches the terms of this agreement.
* That the confidentiality agreement remains in effect even when the contract has been terminated.

In consideration of:
* That PO is operating as a private consumer and that this agreement falls under Dutch law applicable to private consumers.
* With as explicit addition that in case parts of this agreement could lead to more than one interpretation during a legal dispute, the interpretation that most closely resembles best practise in the context of advertisment projects with a confidential nature is what  PO and SP have understood during signing this agreement and this interpretation is meant to be used as such by a judge in court. 

Thus agreed, drawn up in duplicate, on .. .. ….

PO signature
SP signature



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