Comming from povray

Hellow, i’m a newbe in blender and i’m starting to learn blender with the book “blender for dummies”, but i find it to be slow to let me producee something as i learn.

i mean, is a good book but it adds to much concepts to an explanation that leads to no results in the basic chapters. And in more advanced chapters , this book gives the secuence of hot keys to press to achieve something, but i don’t feel that i have learned much.

i come from povray, so i don’t refuse a hard training. I just wanna ask if there’s some other book that i should get to grab blender more firmly from scratch.

hey… by the way… i’m thrilled to be at this community.

Hello and welcome
me too, I’ve started with POV, but with a GUI, I’m a normal person! :wink:
There’s now, litterally, thousands of Blender tutorials…what can I say…maybe the Blender Manual/wiki/NoobtoPro?
My way to learn is: I start a work that motivates me, and when a problem arises I search the solution!
Probably a bad method!

In fact “noob to pro” was my first choice but as i cannot find a version that is not online, is useless to me.

btw. you should have tried the “coded” no gui povray, lets you create what you imagine rather than what you have.

Ahh, pov-ray, that’s where I started as well, hand coding at that. Great renders though. It made my head hurt! (Sort of how got into blender)

I think that all you have to do for newb to pro is to either download and save these pages as, or print them out if you wish from here:

Cheers and welcome
Use the next page links to do this, otherwise some of the instruction panes will overlap and you wont be able to see the bottom one. It is also available in html from here:

I don’t remember where I got it from but there is a single download for the whole book somewhere (or at least there was).

thanks. :slight_smile: