Commit 49112: max video encoding now @64mbps

Dunno if anyone else noticed but one of today’s commits involved increasing the max VSE video output bitrate from 14mbps to 64mbps!

In the first 3 tests I made with the bitrate set to 30mbps (BD encoding quality) it seems to work though I will continue testing.

I started a new thread to mention this cos I remember many recent complaints about the limitation of the former max video bitrate.

Yay! At last. Would be cool to add an ffmpeg comand line for altered export settings beyond Blender recomendations.

But this is a great start.

I just thought, does this mean that Mango are going to be mastering out of Blender, not muxing from other apps?

+1 on advanced ffmpeg settings available not only through the CL but also through the UI.
In 2.4x lots of encoding options were available on the encoding panel and this afforded great control of almost everything.
Lots of work is still needed in this direction e.g. presets that work out of the box for Webm, mobile devices etc. The rendering presets of Kdenlive and Handbrake come to mind as interesting examples of such implementations.

I just thought, does this mean that Mango are going to be mastering out of Blender, not muxing from other apps?

I wish but don’t think it’s gonna happen because of VSE’s native lack of support for mutli-channel audio. It could be done if Mango only had stereo sound but if that’s the case it’s gonna feel and look very amateurish for today’s standards. I mean even if the quality of the visuals is stunning, audio FX is what actually sells it.

BTW, unlike Sintel, I haven’t noticed any updates from the audio front. Have to say that the trailer audio was top notch.

Speaking of encoding, is there some sort of tutorial explaining that portion of Blender? More specifically, what all the values stand for and how they’re used etc.

Ha ha… hahahahahahahahahaha

Blenders render encoder is a strangley cripled version of ffmpeg that does whatever it does without anyone being the wiser :wink: and lots of time fails miserably.

I think, rather unhelpfully here, that Blender muxing is a black art.


Here are some directions about codec usage:

I found a list of valid codec settings:

What a bummer!

Thanks for the links anyway, but unfortunately they weren’t very helpful in this case. :confused: