Common Animation Poses!

The other day I was contemplating defining actions on a character on the Action Editor for use in NLA Editor to animate my character and a thought hit me hard!

What are the most common animation poses/actions that are usd in almost every animation?

I am talking about:
Walk Cycle
Run Cycle

I am sure that there must be a “common set of animation poses/actions” and would like to build a list. That way, one only needs to spend more time creating a library of poses/actions, then use them according… perhaps, in conjucntion with pose-to-pose animation.

Any thoughts on this or is my head way up in the clouds?

Hey it could be nice. I am trying to make a character walk for 2 days now and i am not getting any progress :S Never thought animation would be so hard :S

I have done Walk/Run/Talk without NLA.

the blenderpeople example has some actions…
stumpled over it some time ago,
you may have to search for
its a blend-file with knight-like soldiers and their actions
go from walking, stand, duck, fight …
dont know, i did not dive deeper into it …