Common male form

Hello there, recently I’ve started to learn how to model organic forms, first model of course being a basic human male. The shown model has around 1000 triangles and is still a wip. I would like your opinion on the edge flow, the overall shape and the proportions. The hips area might look to feminine and I have a feeling his rear viewed from the side is a bit off. Ignore the spine part as I am still working on that one. I followedthis tutorial and used some images for reference. Comments and suggestions are apreciated.

It’s looking pretty good so far… all those triangles in there make me wince, though- I think you’d do better modeling with all quads. So, unless you’ve got a good reason to be using the triangles, I’d start over with quads. You’ll get a much better model.

There’s more poles in your mesh then at a fencing competition. They aren’t exactly “wrong” to have them but a huge suggestion would be to place them in an area of least deformation if you cannot avoid them. Proper topology is the key to ease of proper deformations. Making your mesh with all quads will surely help reduce this problem to a minimum.

I forgot to mention that my main goal is to learn how to model (and later animate) things that could then be used in 3d games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in this case everything is turned to triangles anyway?

I have a lot of pairs of triangles that can be regarded as/turned into quads, see the image for example, but some of these quads are then not entirely on their own plane and are deformed, or is that ok?

What do you mean with poles?

Anyway, thank you both for your input.

A pole is where 5 or more edges meet to form a point. Think of it like the globe. The north and south pole’s are where all the meridians (longitude) meet. This causes very ugly results when trying to deform a mesh. I don’t know much about game design, but I do know that it is possible to keep proper topology on low-poly meshs.

from what I understand, older games do much better with triangles, but it isn’t a problem with newer games. Unless you’re making the models for a mod of an older game or something, I’d stick with quads.

Is this because of the increased triangle count in today’s games, or due to newer/different animation mechanics?

As for my model, I’ll probably redo some or all of it, this time with quads in mind. I’ll post new images when I make something worth showing.

A month has passed and I finally found the time to redo the model. It still needs more work but my main concern is again the flow of the edges so comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

MAybe I’m being nitpicky, but using some of the present edge loops you could define the shoulder blades just a tad. It would add a little more detail to the mesh. You have the loops…

Looking great!


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