Common resource library

Hello expensive Blender community,
I would like to express an external problem which (I think) affects a part of the users of Blender and a proposal of solution to speak about it with you all.
( Maybe that in time and the experience, this problem is less present)

Note: I am often going to use the word “resources” which groups for me: images, objects, textures, scene.

1. Current problem

Blender is great one 3D modelling tools who does not stop progressing.
However something in Blender is missing: the resource sharing.
A lot of beginner which realize the first scenes try to create objects and sometimes textures, but it is sometimes difficult. (I think in particular of textures)
Then they try to obtain them otherwise.

2. Current possibility

Internet is vast and the division is there present: sites were born to download these resources.
I approve this kind of site because they allow each to use that they could not make they the same, due to the lack of time or of talent.
But they have limits:

  • No download by lot (it would break them returned advertising executives)
  • Sometimes obligation of creation of an account and that for every site (it is boring)
  • Limit of download (logic, but handicaping)
  • little or no of community, nor links between these
  • It’s not possible to re-share these textures
  • Browsing different in every site
  • To try the depiction of one get fresh ideas, it is necessary: go on the site, connect, find her, to download her, to add it in blender, to make the depiction. This process is long and if we have to try several, that becomes fast a waste of time.

3. Proposal for the future

That’s why I think about another model of distribution).
Blender possesses a big community and a strong membership in the free world.
I think that there is thus something to develop together and whose fruits would return to all the community!
But you should not make thing no matter how.

Definition of the problem:
Allow every user of Blender to reach a common library of resources.

Implementation of the solution:
It is inevitably necessary to pass by a module to Blender, allowing those who want him to use him OR NOT.
The bandwidth is a major problem, a system client-server would be out-of-place. The P2P one is almost required!
Files would thus be diffused by P2P and the accessible torrents via a reference site.
The module will have to list torrents (which could be classified in a hiarchique way: Types/Category/License Textures/Wood/LPG) and suggest to the user downloading them and putting them somewhere (where?) in his user directory (and also to add them directly in the current file)

Problems to be solved:
Torrents do not possess a mechanism of update. And if to modify the file torrent available on the reference site allows the new users to download their new resources. He do not allow the former to sender via their software of favorite P2P to continue to share what they have and to download the new resources to give them to the world.
There is thus a reflection around that to make (yes, the P2P also has inconveniences, but the bandwidth that the community could use to blender require the P2P)
( Humor: that would have to be the module which makes customer P2P and like that he could manage himself torrents to be downloaded by consulting the list of the torrents of the reference site. And so every person who would work under Blender in the world would become to seeder only by throwing Blender, but it would break the unix philosophy, it’s a pity)
There is also a problem to find volunteers to share torrents, so that it is there always at least a seeder, but I think that the community is rather wide to answer this need.

Development appendices:
One can imagine a system of participation by allowing each to propose, noted, to moderate resources.

This document is the object of a long reflection of 2 hours.
I would be delighted to obtain criticisms so positive as negative to all make them positive by completing this document and make him reality!

4. Other proposal

By writing the preassignor proposal I reports me that the P2P puts all the same a crippling problem: that of the additions of resources.
Another possibility would be to have suppliers of resources accesibles via a common API.
A site of distribution of resources would set up this API, would indicate it on its homepage. And the user could indicate it to the module which would suggest him downloading the resources.
The user is in control on the suppliers to use.
But as a result, what would be the profit of the supplier? I do not know…

5. Conclusion

I think that there is something nice to make but the implementation does not seem to me simple.
I continue to think and waits for your reactions with pleasure!