Common Threads and Polls

Naw, we get along. I got pissed at him once for posting something I found quite offensive, we worked it and he’s a bit of mentor now. Not full on, but in the way of some things he’s got some great advice.

Not to say he’s not annoying… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree !!!

You should also ban topics that are offensive to religions(especially Christianism as most of these threads are not so much in favor of it).Everyone is free to believe whatever he wants.

I agree !!![/quote]

How do you know who Kansas_15 was? He was long gone before you joined.

I have seen his name many times while browsing in the forums.I have also seen his threads…

or she

don’t forget about sno4wy and Rore and the other females on elYsiun

Hey Dittohead ,I want to apologise for posting replys to old threads :expressionless: .

I didn’t do it on purpose(I didn’t knew what bump means :expressionless: , I opened the dictionary today )

I have replied to 3 or 4 old threads(all the same day).

Sorry, I didn’t want to cause trouble :expressionless:

No problem :slight_smile:

EDIT, no-one is going to fucking-well see what i originally posted here a long time ago.

If I were you I’ld drop the subject. It doesnt need to be commented on.

Kansas is gone, don’t bring it up.

Unless these thread has any useful information, why the hell do you keep them on the forum anyways ? Just delete the useless old thread that been in the back alley for a few month.

I disagree completely. This is the off-topic forum, I don’t see anything wrong with these threads. I agree that we don’t want repeat ones every few weeks (that would get annoying), but I don’t see a reason to stop people from posting it those already-existing threads. And I certainly don’t agree with your suggestion that a post should be deleted if it doesn’t contain useful and valuable information.

This is the off-topic forum for goodness sake. Expect off-topic posts. :smiley:

Keith. 8)

I like to irritate people so I posted in the oldest age thread. MUHAHAHA!

Thanks, it’s been a while since I’ve had to delete a post.


Just noting how messy the “Where do you live” thread is and had an idea to clean it up. How about a group map? For example, here’s the map of another forum I’m a member of… Spudtech Then things would be easier and the mods wouldn’t have to worry about people kicking up the thread.

there already is:

and enough with the “WiiS360” topics guys… its to common now. and yep i am talking about Wii’s PS3’s and Xbox 360’s here.


It has always been established that in case of any problem, users needed simply to post a P.M. to Moderators…

Well, when I try to send you a P.M., I only obtain :

Alltaken has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.
Of course, my P.M. concerned the last abusively locked thread of orion119net, what has been evoked in it, and the dispositions I find myself constrained to take rapidly…

I’ve sent to you an email at midday, and have no response…



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