commuity based modeling

would it be possible to model the exosuit from district 9 in one day using community collaboration
basically someone models the lface, weapons etc.

this is still just an ideas given that harvest season will start on farm so my time will be limited but i still would like to know what people think.

I doubt it.
I also don’t see the point or a reason to do this.

It would be easier to have one experienced modeler do it in one day. Andy Goralczyk made this in 40 hours -

Creature Modeling/Environment Modeling/Textureing/Animating - the whole thing.

For some it is the path, not the goal :wink:

I say it is very much doable, actually it should be no problem at all if all abide to a given ruleset and use the same reference. With anorganic stuff like machinery it´s quite easy to fit the parts together.
So if you find other´s that have fun in it, by all means go for it. Just remember it needs one person to push the project along… just friends working together without any command will never work. Assign tasks and deadlines and it´ll be done.
In the end it might not look fabulous, more like your first birdhouse but if it is the path…