Communication situation

any USA people here, cause I’m really bafled at a cultural problem I seem to be running into:
the company I work at in the Netherlands uses adapted USA-designed machines and has the same name as the USA factory, and we have good relations with the boss of the USA company… yet somehow the employees of the USA barely acknowledge us.
…and the only way to get things done with them is to go to their boss.
is that “normal practice” or are we messing up communications somewhere?

The Dutch practice is that once two companies work together and are “friends” it doesn’t take 10 emails before “anything gets done”… it’s as if our colleagues are going out of their way to misunderstand u:
When we say: “we need parts to do maintenance”
they understand:
“we want a software upgrade”…

It’s really annoying.

Well, Americans can be fairly oblivious and arrogant…

Take it up with the Boss you have good relations with, but of course be tactical about it.

Tell him that there appears to be a break down in communications and that his employees seem to have trouble cooperating with you or acknowledgeing requests.

Dont be quite as blunt as that but just make your case heard to this guy and ask if there is anyone person who you could go to for future requests.

I guess you’d have to make the email very detailed and specific then, if the company mis-interprates your email that badly then maybe make them read all the Dilbert comics and see all the examples of mis-communication in it.

Though I do admit I can have a bit of trouble communicating too, but some are just better communicators than others.

I charge 1000 euros an hour and will fix the problem with a stick and a couple of Romanian thugs.

Consider the possibility that it could be a resourcing issue on the US side as well. I’ve worked for people who micromanaged me, who wanted me to account for every minute of my time, and heaven help me if I went out of my way to help somebody or do something that was outside the pale of his precise instructions. I’d see if your boss can talk with the US boss and get somebody dedicated to act as your interface with the US team. That might be a decent step. Just explain that you need x amount of somebody’s time to answer your questions.

Or you may just be dealing with a pack of xenophobic assholes and should take kbot up on his offer. In my experience, however, this is not an American cultural thing.