Communion Table Redux

I decided for my next scene I wanted to remake a crappy painting I made a while ago. I’m including the original painting along with the new image so people can see the comparison. Also I don’t think the bread texturing is 100% perfect, but I think it works enough for the scene, which isn’t really meant to be completely true to life.

Rendered in Luxrender.


Looks very nice, but there’s a few things you could improve:
The stem of the wineglass seems too thick, compared to your painting.
In the painting you have some creases on the cloth, which is missing from the render.
In the painting there’s these little fluffy things (don’t know what they’re called) on the edges of the cloth, they’re missing from the render.
The nail seems too light and shiny.

Yeah, after looking at it today I realized my chunky wineglass needed to go on a diet. Also I played with several different methods of ‘wrinkling’ the cloth using the cloth sim, but it always came out too darn perfect. May have to just go make some folds manually. And I completely forgot about the little fringe things on the cloth. I also want to light the wineglass a little better. It kind of fades into the shadows too much I think. Thanks for the feedback!

Great exercise, to learn even more copy your render in paint! Regards :slight_smile:

Looking good! Keep up the good work! ;D
The glass and wine look great…the bread could use some crumbs and so peeling along the individual slices where the knife pulled instead of cut. much like in this picture,r:16,s:0&tx=201&ty=84&biw=1908&bih=876
wow, thats a huge url! lol…the crown of thorns has good texture as well

Yeah, I’ve been struggling to get the bread to look perfect. The textures are good, just not the edges, like you mentioned. Since Luxrender can’t assign more than one material per object, I had to split the crust from the ‘face’ of the bread but still keeping the edges together. It’s passable I think, but not quite great yet.

goodjob, there are a couple things off, but all in all, good job