Community City Project.

Hey guys,

Sorry if this isn’t under the right topic, but I just got an idea that I think would be cool! The idea is a big community modeling project… a city. Each of us make a building or two and then put them all together into a city! I haven’t really gotten many details for you guys, but I don’t even know if anybody’ll want to try this.Tell me what you think… do you think it’s possible??

-Techno Tyler

My idea for your idea: using Google Streetview as reference. You choose a city, some streets and you have a good reference for the objects, buildings and the streets itself.

And: using some svn to organize the project.
You need a city.blend and many other blends that holds the objects and buildings. The city.blend links to this other blends of course.

Good idea, endi. That way, the buildings would have a single theme… and wouldn’t look mixed up. Although I’ve already created a house… I’ll upload some renders of it…
Okay, here’s one of my models.

The blendopolis project ( is one such, but peoples interest has not lived long enough to implement the idea.

Blendopolis?? Never heard of that, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I can submit something too… just tell me what you plan to do with this…

Not quite sure where to go with this yet… but it would be a major achievement to finish something like this. We could set up a forum to chat about it too. But really, we could do anything with it:

-a game
-an animation to show around the city

Please put the word “City” at the topic title.

I guess we all have quite different goals, but it is fine so. What we have discussed within the Blendopolis project, the main concern is about getting a functional model repository. There are lots of massive but dead model repositories around, but giving them a life, is a task byself.

Something what I had in mind:
– to collect models, upload/download them automatically, syncronize the models at harddisk with the models at servers
– kind a world largest distributed model repository
– to add models to bigger maps
– the easy to start from scratch, kind a SimCity like street/area planning
– centralized packet list
– everyone free to make own cities, using common models
– everyone free to walk around in the cities made by others, see the models, use them as a whole or as a part, make games, animations, artworks, use the buildings as background images, etc.
– automatically lisence all models/maps with GPL-lisence for a free usage
– everyone can go ones own way, no need to common planning or democratic decision mechanisms
– possibility to drop old models to save disk-space, possibility to group models by some criteria

I have been working with a Python script to syncronize the model repositories, and I feel the library linking possibility in Blender is quite ideal for constructing bigger cities. Good instructions how to group and link models is still needed, so that models are easy to add and file sizes don’t grow too much.

I have not heard about the Blendopolis project lately, so I don’t know if the server there is still ready for keeping track of models lists, but I hope to hear something more or some way we get around this…

I guess the Blendopolis project is quite dead. Should we try to revivid this idea again? What do you think?

Let the dead rest in peace. Why do you think it would work given another go. Like many of these types of projects, there is loads of enthusiasm at first, lots of talking giving a thread with dozens of posts meaning its impossible to find any useful infomation in it. Then it dies as people lose interest and move onto the next big project idea.


It might be more productive to create city objects for the Suicidator city script. I noticed Little Neo made a post that not a single person has created a city object even though he modified the code to allow for external contributions.

If we’ll try to collect some kind of list, what you allready have ready, because I guess there is quite a lot ready models allready. Group your models in Blender, give the Group a meaningful name, save it and upload the blend-file somewhere on the web, then post the address here.

Let’s say only one or two models at first for each. Then we’ll pause and see what to do next… ok?

All models to be Public Domain by default.