Community Collaboration United Game Projects

The intention of the CCUGP is to be able to maximize performance and production, while taking some of the pressure off, benefiting (independent) game developers, due to collaboration.

How to realize and benefit from other projects
To be able to benefit from each others projects and production, a standardization needs to be put into place which allows all to mix and share resources. Therefor rules are required and guidelines should be in place to optimize interoperability.

The reason behind this is simple: the more developers are able to exchange assets, either being code, content, data or experiences,… the quicker and faster development will be. This will not only help to speed up development, but also will help to find support, since you are likely not the only one encountering problems or brick walls on exactly the same level of expertise.

Anyone interested can join and participate.
On before hand: if you do not (wish to) comply to these rules, please do not question these rules, just feel free to ignore this thread or make your own. This thread is meant for those interested in collaboration under the set rules, you determine for yourself whether you do or do not want to (partially) comply.
That said, I hope as many developers are able and willing to comply to these, so that we can build together which as many developers as possible, to maximize profit and results.

The rules are kept basic for now so these are simple to follow and comply to.
Some rules are mandatory to be able to meet the requirements.
Other rules can be used as guideline and interpreted to your best ability.


  • GPL License; (everyone the same set of rules, no questions or issues)
  • Metric Units: 1 M = 1 BU; (1 Meter = ! blender Unit)
  • Keep Origins on the Global Center; 0,0,0 (x,y,z)
  • .Blend format (where applicable)

    - BGE is preferred (though not mandatory)
  • Apply Translation/Rotation/Scale (where applicable);
  • Use Open Source solutions and formats (where possible/applicable);
  • Stick to actual dimensioning and properties, or inform if these aren’t met;
  • Provide documentation where required;
  • Try to produce standardized content dimensioning, for easy of World and Level building.

*Guideline: Use for pavements, building(parts) and other props standardized size where possible:

  • per 1 meter (1 BU);
  • where Smaller: 0,1 meter (0,1 BU);
  • where Bigger: use increments of 1 unit, 2m or 3m or 4m, et cetera

    Team up
    Do you wish to take part in this collaboration effort, feel free to comment and submit your project/contact details, where you show or share your contributions.
    Also when you look for something specific, feel free to post a request or offer your services.

If you comply to these rules, even in part, please provide a link to this thread, or spread this information in your threads or on your website.
The more these rules and guidelines are shared, the more can be achieved and the more likely it is that you will have success!

More rules and/or guidelines might follow, when time progresses.
Subject to change.

This is a Freedom Fighter Corps (FFC) initiative.

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