community developed online game

hey all…i realize this is my first post…but i think it would be a great learning project for most users to openly develop an online game…and i was kinda thinkin it could have a bit of everything in it…ie…warcraft meets need for speed meets the sims meets mech warrior…etc…the list could go on forever…but it would be a neat concept to combine everyone’s styles and skills into one sweet ass comunity based online game…if im wrong oh well…but if im right this could be something huge


your a couple years too late for that to be an original idea :slight_smile:
it’s ok tho, cause you’re new! I reccomend you just read all the other threads and discover for yourself all the projects going on right now. There’s MGP, Sinister Plot, Vendara, Falling Worlds, and more that aren’t on the tip of my tongue.
so welcome to the forum. but this post was kinda redundent :wink:

that’s the most noobish thing I ever heard lol XD

ha, well, check out his name.

Its cool man, but as mentioned, this is far form a new idea. Youll find that kind of thing happens a lot as you explore CG, so get used to it :slight_smile:

Good luck man.

Actually the online part may be new. Umm… I’m unaware of any past or current online community game project.

However, this is probably too hard to tackle for normal people. Coding for online games (assuming mmorpg), would be a monumentous task.

Yea, Try Crystalspace, and check out the PlaneShift for online protocols.(ignore the artwork, it really says nothing about the current crystal space graphics ability)

here is the easy install instructions:

Here is planeshift free MMO :smiley:
it is open source so you can take it apart and examine it.

For crysal space questions I suggest going here:
They are nice people, no one will make fun of you or your name.

Have fun :smiley:

PS Sauerbraten has scripting ability’s now too, they are currently developing a RPG , it also has built in internet protocol.
develop your maps in real time with your friends online! lots of fun :smiley:

Read this:

(why do I seem to be doing that so much???)

I’ve got a game starting that kinda matches your description. War of Myas. PM for information.