community gallery

(stephen2002) #1

I am in the process of putting together my web site. I would like to have a disscussion board or at the least some sort of file sharing/gallery system set up. A community gallery of sorts where people can post their video files that most other places won’t accept.

I would like to be able to allow people to upload their video/image files, write a description, and have people post their comments, at the least.

I am running an Apache web server, so I can support just about anything. I don’t know anything about PHP or databases or other code languages, and don’t really want to learn right now.

Would somebody want to write a system for me? I think a site like this where work can be posted with few limits and free of charge would be a big benifit to the 3D community, as so many people often have things to show put no where to put them.

I just glanced at the gallery pages on this site. I was thinking something similer to that, but with the capablity to upload videos (probably I would allow up to 20MB as long as it is not abused).

Would anybody be willing to help?

(valarking) #2

We have one. Check the left of the Elysiun page. :wink: