Community Game Project?

Ok, this originated from jm’s original post “SUPPORT GAME ENGINE DEVELOPERS”.

Ok, first things first, I’m just pushing things along. I’m by no means the leader of this project or idea. The project leader will probably be decided later on down the road, possibly during the brainstorming phase of the community game project. Or when most of the people who want to join the project has shouted I’m in :smiley: .

This will probably be 1 of 3 threads. The 2nd might be brainstorming for the type of game that we’ll make. The 3rd one is would probably be all the planning for the game. (Not official so if there will be more threads needed, feel free to make more)

I’m guessing this first one is to see whose joining in. Hmm, might not be the correct thing to do this thread first, but we could always reference back to it. Also any other people who might want to join later on can just post here. Well, the type of game and planning isn’t done yet, so guys whoever will contribute to the community game project no matter what it is just say I’m in and what you can do.

Well, I know I’m definitely in. Lol, I’ll try to tackle any thing that’s given for me to do. I can animate, texture (a bit), model (not as good as some of you), sort of code in python, and definitely know how to use logic bricks.

OK, so far these are the people that are in. They are just in the order of who replied first.


Jason Lin

Send me 2D Art I give you 3D art. But Feb. 2, 2005 is my endtime tiem since I get sent to Basics in the Army, for 9 weeks after that ill be active again

Than we cannot use your art. It will take longer than that to decide what things will look like.

And I do not believe the forums are a good place for this. I think we need to find a more realtime place to meet.

I’m going to count myself out because I’m checking out an Ogre engine, but I think it’s a great idea.

But fireside, we could use your knowlege. And sutabi we could use your excellent artisitc skills. Its time thats the issue here. I would love to throw out some concept art in your direction. I wish more were ready for something like this so we could meet! :smiley:

Give it some time pryjon, there were also others that expressed interest in the other thread.

Right now, it’s just a head count. There’s really no huge rush though. We should try to plan all things out and make the best possible game with Blender. Even those that are working on their own games can help out if they want to. Here’s the 3 things. If there’s money involved, NAN personnel to handle the money (way later on). A project leader and a team that more or less devoted to the project. Lastly, people that just contribute whenever.

Jason Lin

But there is no time. 2 years mabey. Our version of the engine will be outdated by then. And if we keep upgrading our engines certain re-vamps will occur every time and set us back. Especially if we are all using different versions on different platforms. There is so much underwork to do first. I just think its an amazing idiea because finally there is more to it than just “I wish to make a game come help me.” We must jump on it before it fizzles out into the forums.

I dont want to jump on the game right now, like “ooo look I made a wall and cool bubble texture lets use it in the game!!!” :smiley: IN fact with team projects I have led (and it was with the people personally) it was hard enough to keep the people from doing this. Today I made a character, tommorow I will make a bubble texture for no apparent reason. There just cool looking lets put them together!! This is what must be avoided. I would like for the headcount so far to start the underwork. Perhaps we can discuss the poly counts and set some rules. I agree that more than anything we need to plan slowly. But lets get to planning!! :smiley: :smiley:

-Energy to burn

Sorry for my persistance. I just dont want to see this one fall through the cracks.

yeah i’m in, i could take some of my free times to work on it :slight_smile:

i’m good at:

-concept work, story writing, design, team work experience…
-environments (design, modelling, mapping, lighting)
-objects and creatures
-2d art

agree we should start planning as soon as possible:

-count who’s in
-who can do what
-design a leader and some co-leaders that will supervise some pools of work (modelling, animation, programmation, art…)
-choose a game genre (i vote fps/rpg)
-choose a background (sci-fi, fantasy, sci-fantasy…)
=>start actual brainstorming
-gather elements that most ppl likes and make some propositions (genre, gameplay, story)
=>start writing of the “gamebible” and concept arts
-during this stage, ppls who are not writing/drawing could make some littles “tests” of programming, implementing things that WILL be needed, like special effects, GUI menu system, inventory, dialogs system (aka monkey islans)
-once this is done, make a planning of things that will be created first
-give the planning and “gametome” to each member
=>start “working” and try to produce a “demo” relatively quickly to attract more ppls that will contribute
-don’t guve up and finish this thing.

ok, we could use MSN for quick chat or irc, PM me ur if u want

So lets write a bible.

I especially like the “-don’t guve up and finish this thing.”

Thats the MOST important part of it all.

I’m working on many other projects at the moment. with that said it’s is a really

good idea and if you could send a few projects my way when you get it up and going. I would be glad to help :
I think a community project where people can come and add a few things and do something else,
without having to dedicate all there time to the full project would be nice.

im in :smiley:

-2d drawing
-caracter modelling

“someone meake this forum sticky?”

Well, we would setup deadlines for projects. This way things could stay organized. I mention using the PRYjON system for this reason. In this way we could organize using a database who is doing what and when its due. We could also use an online storage section for the transfer of materials as well as messaging capabilites.

IN fact I would be willing to setup an entirely new system dedicated to this project. Fully customized. Although it would mean our demise in the Christmas project. :frowning: I would love to do this for Blender though. A very simple text based system with users seperated by categories, assignments, events, news, mail, online storage (for transfer purposes), meeting schedules, all administered by appropriate individuals.

Huh?? So how long do we keep this running until we actually start a brainstorming thread? Say one more week or so?

We’ve got to figure out some sort of work environment that everyone would be comfortable with. Getting things done would be one of the top things on the list, but we’ve got to take people’s free time into consideration. Well after we finally have the planning done, the project leader can post up mini projects that are needed to be done (combination of mini projects to complete one bigger part of the game). :-? About the deadline thing I don’t feel like it should be pushed. I mean if the guys going to get it done he will. A deadline should be only given when it is necessary, ex: when the game development can’t move ahead without it.

PRYJON stick with the Christmas contest. This won’t community project won’t take full shape until around that time I’m guessing.

Jason Lin

Not pushing is what will cause the downfall of the project. It must be pushed. If people are unwilling to be pushed than this will never work. Granted we cant offer money, which is a side effect and must be somehow balanced. But time is of the essense here. We must understand that. Eventually every waking moment (besides working at a workplace) will be spent on this project if it is going to work (at LEAST for the team in charge). If you have school or if you have long workdays or if you like going to the latest release of every movie that comes out with your freinds all the time then you will not be put on any project to take considerable time. With the system we could schedule these facts in per user. When an administrator decides to put up a project he or she can review these facts about this person.

-I am insane and I know it.

Not to throw any cold water on the “project”, but I think it’s important for you to talk to the developers (ton especially) to get an idea of what the future holds for the game engine. I know that only one developer is currently working on it now, but that might only be a temporary thing. You need to get a handle not only on future plans for the GE but what ton thinks of this approach to getting more developers for Game Blender. There may very well be legal issues with using this approach, as well as financial ones.

I’m all for the continued development of Game Blender, and although I am struggling with learning Blender and python now, I will do what I can to assist in this if you need the help. Just talk to the developers so that you can make your plans based on their invaluable input.

yeah, i agree with DYeater, we should ask ton and the GE coder to see what is planned and if they think that it’s a good idea to make a community project to raise some money…

@pryjon: i’m ok for pushing it a bit and organizing it throught your system, but don’t be to harsch with the “deadline” issues :slight_smile:

@goldentajii: well, let it “turn” a week more because 7 ppls are in my opinion, not enough :-? there should be at least like 10 ppls that could spent a relatively decent amount of time and are very motivated…+ a lot of others little contributors.

i mean it’s intended to be a communiti project, it’s a chance for everyone to work and learn with others and it’s a good way to improve skills.
i think everyone that have a project of starting doing a game should work with us, this project won’t stop only if the blender community stop…that is what a community project is.
instead of doing a little thing by your own, “blend” this effort with others to do something less little. 8)

Well on the marks of everyones comments here lets ask. Should we write something out and all agree on it to be sent? Should we wait until we have established our group here?