Community Game Project!!

I am starting a community game project. If you would like to help, sign up at Once you sign up at our website, send me a PM telling what you are most experienced at; texturing, modeling, programming, etc.

We have meetings on the chat page at 12:30, GMT-6 every sunday. We are just starting and will except anybody with any level of experience.

This project will also be online multiplayer, so if you would like to help out, but don’t have time/experience, then you can host a server on your computer, donate a few dollars, or just give us critique. We would like to recieve donations for advertising, a proper domain, etc. Or, if you have a website, we are interested in trading links with you.

We are hoping to Indie publish this game and each of the members will get a percentage of the total income off of this project. Once again, this a community project, so anyone can join/quit/contribute to the project. Please tell us what you think!

Thanks for all of your time and help!


Need to sing up?
Why don’t just share with the community?
I’ll help in anything i could, but indeed i dont have much time, I’d say i’m better at modeling, texturing. And i’m not really good at it, but maybe simple things will save you time. Need chairs?, plants?, rocks?. I don’t check up most web pages but maybe you can tell us abit of the project.

Oh, yes I forgot to mention. It is an airplane battle game. It will probably use GLSL and it will tak place in the near future. We have a storyline in the infancy stages:
The earth is in anarchy. There are no rights, no countries or safety… A group of politicians tried to take back the peace, but all it did is lied to people. Now this country is a growing empire that enslaves more and more people. You are a pilot of a scout plane and you carry messages, but its only what you think you are doing. Suddenly connection with the base is lost so you land in a small city that is the next target to be enslaved and for the first time you understand what is happening, what the government don’t want you to see. Now you have became their enemy and because land traveling is too dangerous and slow you are hunted with the remaining free mankind. You must rely on the plane and defend the people. But one day you will need to attack the heart of the evil. And that’s why you need to gather more help from remaining humanity left in the earth.

If we have a community project, it should be through Blender Artists. You just want people to come to your website, that is why you’ve been posting it all over the place.

I have to ask, what gives this project a better chance at succeeding than the other ‘community game projects’ that have been started over the years?

I would help but I do not like the way you want to oranise work. It is better to use skype with group chat or group talk instead of setting a wesite with a forum. These community meeting are just bla bla bla. Also, instead of over 9000 newbies taking part in it, it is better to have 2-3 seasoned BGE and Blender users who can do a bit of all but with one major like scripting. These are just suggestions, I like you, mokanzon, but you have to be realistic.

If you like, recently I started a game project with 2 other guys, they are all from NL. Why are aiming at BGE competition 2010. I can promise to be dedicated for several months for sure. I suggest you to join us. The only reason to trust me is the link in my signature to the game I was doing recently.

Good luck

No offense, but I thought Aerofight was kinda lame, graphically. My game for the last contest was a disaster to, but I was a n00b then xD

Yes, I guess you are right. I will keep it on BA I guess, but meeting will still be held on my chat page. The only reason I made this is because I don’t want to just make a WIP thread and expect people to come in from all over. I am only asking if anybody is interested in helping. It has already been confirmed.

Who said I wanted to have 9000 newbies take part? I would like to have some more decent blender heads than that. Would’d you expect?

The reason this project has a better chance at succeding is because it is a fairly simple game(not that it is easy) and because none of my projects have ever failed before they got a ways off the ground. My FPS for example. I never quit that project until I had something playable. My brothers still play whenever they get the chance. Also, if you don’t think this will succede, then why don’t you help it succede??

Once this project gets a little bit off the ground with a few more members, I will make a project thread that we can talk in, no worries.