Community Game Project

I am holding a little contest, where people just submit showcases of graphics, design, art, animation, programming, and etc. Then we vote for 3 winners from each catagory. The winners would all come together and form a team.

If you would like to submit your work, send it to [email protected] please. Send screenshots and perhaps a .blend of you work, or maybe even a vid. Also please say what catagory.

Catagories are:

  • Character Modeling
  • Modeling
  • Level Design
  • Sound Design
  • Concept Art
  • Animation
  • Python/Logic brick programming
  • Texture Artist
  • high-poly sculpt
  • Other

Lets get this going and lets form a great team!!!

The deadline will be April 1st. You can submit your work to me until that day at midnight(whatever timezone you are in)

After the finish, I will start a new thread with voting for the winners.

That’s a good idea. You should make a youtube video announcing this contest also. cganim8or did this for a 3D still render contest. The contest itself would be interesting, if I didn’t have much college work I might be able to participate (because it sucks when one person in a group ends up being busy and not getting things done). I’ll send this forum thread out to other Blender GE users I know.

What catagory would a car go into?

That would be under the ‘modeling’ section

Ah right thanks, im almost finished my car anyway lol tis a Bugatti Veyron

sweet!! Iook forward to seeing it!

how many screen shots do u want, im totaly in on the level design contest. So long as Endi doesn’t submit, lol.

jat100: as many as you like!!! It would be best to have at least 3 screenshots(not saying you have to), also it would be nice if you submit a video or a .blend