Community Journal - Go See!!

The first edition of the new Blender Community Journal is now available.

You can see it here

A huge thanks to Gabio for the first tutorial. I am sure you will all find it very useful and informative. As well, he is still continually working on it and there will be a thread in the Animation forum here shortly for Q&A’s regarding the tute and animation tools.

We hope you all enjoy it and keep pushing your Blender works to the fullest, as you may make the gallery in the next one. :smiley:


hmm, really great stuff
Meet the artist is neat, the tut is good as well.
I am getting more excited about the :smiley: I kinda like the looks of it.




This is really great stuff! It’s really great to have the CJ back. Big thanks to BgDM and all of this month’s contributors!

[extreme goofyness]

awesome !

looks to see just exactly what this community journal is

oh wow ! neato !

[/extreme goofyness]

I’m happy to see CJ back ! Great job BgDM !

OMG teh leet!!!11eleven!!11

Some craaazy art there, wow! Stunning! :o

The quality is already very close to what you see on galleries of commercial apps like Maya, XSI, LW, C4D, etc. Congratulations to everybody who contributed!

cool! nice o see all this great artwork, and a nice interview :slight_smile:
Blitz has got to be the next one to be interviewed! ( or @ndy :wink: )

yeh yeh! now we’re cookin

Thanks BgDM. I’ll look forward to reading it each time.

Congradulations to Robert Tiess for being the first featured interviewee!

I appreciate all you’ve put into this but it’s hardly a CJ. More like an intro, an interview and some links. The link to the wiki is particularly frustrating because there is no index which means sitting around twiddling while pages take their own good time to load.

I still haven’t seen Gabio’s stuff. Maybe have an index of page links in the CJ with a sentence or two of what’s on each page (make it less like fishing thru a hole in the ice).

It is nice quality though and a good, informative interview.

Edit: My sincere apologies BgDM! I finally waded thru Gabio’s Armature stuff and found that it was indeed the Wiki that’s lacking the page links / indexing. Hope you don’t take offense.


Nice to see the CJ back in print (so to speak) :wink:
Looking forward to future editions.

Great job BgDM. Looks great.
And I was suprised to see one of my things in there :stuck_out_tongue:

I corrected this. The link pointed to the first page. All the Index is there:
Though it containt everything else too. I have c&p my part of the index in the first page where you get linked in the CJ. I’m sorry for the missing pages and the slow loading of images. In the following days I will transfer the tuts to where it belong.

I’m sorry for the missing pages and the slow loading of images.

Not a problem (anymore) Gabio. I realize now that I should be more open to change in the new OSS paradigm and not expect everything to be as I expect it, which means I’ll have to learn to use the wiki and take one foot out my mouth before putting the other one in. You did good work and it’s appreciated!


W O W :o

Looks awesome BgDM. Great work everyone!

May it be the first of many more CJs to come :smiley:


I say : Yeeeehaaaa!!!

This is great! Can’t wait to see more on this wonderfully designed website!

Congratulation and thanks a lot for your work!!!



That’s absolutely excellent. Thank you BgDM !!!

(except that, like the gallery, the images don’t have scroll bars… pretty please ?)

Awesome! Great work, the blender journal is a wonderful idea and well-executed. Keep it up!!!


Cool! Thanks alot! This looks like it’ll be really neat. :slight_smile: