Community Poem

As the community story I started fizzles and dies, I came up with another idea. A community poem. I actually got this idea from Dada (no not my father, look it up in an art history book).

Basically take a random word or a line of poetry and post it, just like with the community story. They do not have to rhyme (they can if you want).

If you believe this is getting boring and annoying, then please put a side note with your post, so I can get a general Idea of whether to post anymore of these.

So here is the topic line:

Two houses stand divided,

O’er the truth each once abided

In the darkness of day

well, since it’s a dada poem.

brrrrrmmmmmm bop bop zzzzuuu tatattatat adibed dide

(I guess I should add that it is BASED on the PRINCIPLE of Dada, but should make sense)

how can it be based on the principle of Dada and make sense? :stuck_out_tongue: