Community Render Farm Idea

Hi All,
I have been reading about renderfarms, how to set one up, and how much
you can pay to out a job to a pro render farm, and it got me thinking.

Most of the support (if not all) given to blender is from the blender community.
Awsome tutorials, textures and scripts etc.

For me peronally, the only way I can contribute is to purchase items from the
blender e-shop, as my skillz are somewhat in need of development :o.

Has anyone thought of setting up a server that can issue render jobs to PC’s
on the internet.

This might seem a strange (Newbie) question to ask, but what I am
suggesting is a configuration simular to the one used by [email protected]
Essentially when the screensaver on the PC kicks in it downloads a data block
for processing, uploads the finished item, then downloads the next data
block for process. (for the programmes on here, I know i’ve over simplified
this process :eyebrowlift:).

This would also gain the interest of people who do not do any 3d work
(e.g. tech heads) as they can have competitions as to who can process
the most data blocks, as i used to with [email protected]

The only difference to [email protected] is that we (the blender community) can submit jobs for process

All sorts of data can be obtained from the data block stats. For example,
if a user registers, thay have to specify the hardware/software configuration
that the render farm client is installed on. Reports could then be run to
see what Hardware / OS’s render out the fastest etc.

There wouldn’t be a charge for the processing of jobs, as the community
would be rendering them.

The only drawback I can see is that you wouldn’t render out the Peach project
on it as they have a specific deadline to get the work done. This would
be focussed on those who are not worried about tight deadlines, but could
do with the help of a render farm.

I have a few PC’s here that I do not power down and would be more than
happy to use them to render out jobs in this way.

Is this a silly idea, or does this have legs?

i think this is what you mean:

Hi florianfelix,
yes that’s exactly what I was talking about. I had no idea that this
project exsisted :o.

What are your thoughts, is it good?
Do people use it?
Am I really helping people out.
(Need to heal my soul :eyebrowlift:)