comp nodes troubling

ok so i have a simple glow node setup.
the setup: i have two spheres and a cylinder. basically a beam piercing the moon and blowing it up, then hitting earth and going through.

what i have: i am using a glow node composite setup.

what i cant do: im trying to make it so only the beam is glowing, not the two spheres. they look ugly when glowing…

sooo how can i make it so only the beam glow, not anything else?

well there are two ways to g at this.

one, use the treshold. if your beam is brighter than the spheres, you can adjust the treshold so only the beam glows.

two, use a mask. if the beam is an object (eg, mesh) use an object pass to mask it for glow and mix the results back together.


You probably want to send just the beam through the “glow,” then add the moons and planets separately. When compositing things, I find that it usually works best to get each channel the way you want it (usually, rendering them separately into Multilayer files, but sometimes rigging up networks and putting them into Groups), then deal with mixing the various channels together.

“Tricks,” such as thresholds, have a very nasty tendency to start spewing noxious gases all over the set :mad: just when you are trying to do “final tweaking.” Suddenly, some little-bitty adjustment you just made is throwing everything off. You really need to plan for all those adjustments. “There’s more than one way to do it,” as a certain group of computer-programmers like to say, but some work much better than others.