Companion cube computer

I understand I said there was my LAST polygon model in another thread a few days ago. Oh well, that’s why I never make actual promises.

Cool, Looks like a good concept. I can feel a casemod coming on…

Ooooh, I want the real thing. Cool idea.

I dont get it… lowpoly model with heart… nice lighting… and thats it?.. Am i missing something?

heh great rendering, the Weighted Companion Cube is a reference to this iirc:

“Jeep Barnett, a programmer for Portal, noted that players have told Valve that they had found it more emotional to incinerate the Weighted Companion Cube than to harm one of the “Little Sisters” from BioShock.”

Its a meme heh.

the cake is a lie
the cake is a lie
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You knew that was coming.
Anyway, Eradicor, this is the companion cube in the game Portal, but stretched out to look like a computer case. Very sweet.

In RL:

Nice work dude!

In before “I saw it on facepunch!”.

sorry for being off topic, but i never get those cake jokes…wasn’t there a cake in the end? in the very end?

nice case, btw.