Company behind Unity GE now apparently an Autodesk customer (Beast devs. acquired)

Autodesk has just shown they’re still continuing their quest to acquire and own all of the highest end technology offered in the CG industry.

(Note that one of their premier products (Beast) is an integral part of the upcoming release of the Unity game engine, so now the company behind Unity is essentially an Autodesk customer.)

This seems interesting. It appears that growth is still a key target for Autodesk, and let us hope as end users, this will lead on to the next generation of super entertainment as expected of this generation movie goers.

Support GameKit. Owners of proprietary software like Unity will all eventually come to you with their hands extended once the honeymoon is over.

You’re right, just look at all the great games made with the BGE and all those pathetic games made with propriety software being played by millions of users on PS3s, Wiis, Xbox, iPhones, Steam, OnLive and the like. Just think what they’re missing out on.

I am a hobbiest, having fun using Blender. I certainly cannot afford a license just for experimentation. I take offence to is the ‘indie’ versions offered for free or really cheap, then the rules get changed on you once you have invested some serious time in developing a game, for example features that used to work in the ‘indie’ version no longer do, you need to buy the ‘developer’ version to get that functionality back. Erwin (of Bullet fame) really needs the support for what IMO is a very important project. I think people who use open source software should try to avoid proprietary software and support open source projects instead. If you think you own your content, read some of the Eulas and small print foisted on users. Technically, if you shoot video on any recent video camera then your content belongs to MPEG LA, if the fine print is taken at face value. Other game engines need serious scripting or coding skills, which I do not possess and will never possess without some serious investment in time, which I would rather spend faffing around with Blender. I would love to play some of my crap games (a couple of hours investment compared to the hundreds of thousands of hours and $100 million invested in GTA IV) with my daughter on our Wii. Gamekit already runs on iPhone, should be trivial to port to Android. The source is available for download. Theoretically it could be recompiled for any of the platforms you mention, has a nicely developer/capitilist bastard friendly license and would be freaking awesome if given the same love as GTA IV.