Company Name for me?

I need help thinking of a name for my company, somthing I can put a good logo too. I was thinking about the name “Kinetic Mass Studios” but somthing dosn’t fit…

How about just KiNETiC like that, because by using the lower case letter i, you actually type your logo in everything. Then design a cool logo using a unique character set but keeping lower case i.

No charge.

What exactly does/will your company do?

I just feel like I heard company name with the word kinetic in it too much.

as for myself, I have the perfect 3danimation studio name, and the most original idea you guys could ever think off

I’m gonan call my studio


specialised in last minute jobs. Your company need specialEffects fast? is 72hours enough? try and see! Our price might be a bit over the competition, but if you came here it’s because you REALLY need your 3d as fast as possible. We’ll work 72hours straight without sleeping, and we’ll get your effects done.

and we’ll die after 3-4 contracts…

Maybe try something simple, like a name like “Bob” or something.

Now, is this a real company ¬¬? Oh, and are you resident of the UK or another country.

UK? I think I live in the US… It will be a web developing/small video prodoction company.

I only ask since over here in the UK company formation is expensive and pointless if you intend to work as a sole trader /freelancer, It’s also impossible unless you have A director i.e. you, and A secretary (must be somone else, the only way it can be you is if you have a second director)

Since a real company would probabily want a specialised name, and also knowing that you will be registering + country we can tell which name are pointless to suggest (i.e. if its an already a registered name, thus it would be “passing off”)

If its a freelance biz, or parttime freelance biz you’d probabily be better using your name or similar, =)

Register under your own name if you are just freelancing. It’s cheaper and you get name recognition.

Simply registering a sole-proprietorship doesn’t protect your company name. A trademark is legally protected, but require a separate, and costly process.

Oh, and definitely finish your business plan before you even think of names :]

howabout “less than three” :stuck_out_tongue:

“Kevsterb007, Inc.” :stuck_out_tongue:

how about ‘mesmerize interactive’ or simply ‘mesmerize’ %|

i like that word! :wink:

I know, how about

Luxorosity :wink:

Seriously, How does “Kinetic Mass Studios” relate to web design / video production?

If I were to see the name “Kinetic Mass”, I’d assume the businiess was in the field of demolition, or large load transportation. Something to consider is that you want people to see your business name and get an idea of what you actuall do. (I doubt you’d want people phoning you up and asking if you could demolish a building, and transport an oversized load :wink: )

What exactly does LUxorosity mean?

How about a name that people will have a hard time forgetting? A name that sticks in your mind? A name that feels like a jingle? A name that lingers…like a smell…That people will smell it and think of your company name? A name like…:

“The Stain”… Or “Ewww-Web” Or “Don’t open That! Designs” or “Gang-Green Produktions”.

Or, I guess something more serious and “professional”

How about “WTF, Studios?” (since we’re now not serious) But really, those are good points. You want a name people remember. So they can’t say, “Ya, I forgot their name”

It doesn’t matter if your name is catchy, if people wanna remember it, they will.

When elysiun becomes, Blenderprojects, you should just go to the job forum and practice their first. How much experience do you have with Blender?

how about

kevin p. and the hairy pickels from hell
kevin and the ass monkies (although i think alltaken is considering that name?)
hot dogs for sale
moms and pudding
rump roast in a easy bake oven
kevin and the shiney bald heads
pudding and all that its made of
hells bells
computer logos and fried chicken…to go
small white men in mini vans
computers or die
the marker sniffers (scine you say the name dosnt have to be all that serious)
diahreah on paper for you
better then soup
dandruff cakes
pimples and pimps (my personal favorite)
sweaty ear holes
gym bags from hell (another personal favorite)
golf balls in your mouth
art logos and bad breath
moms for sale
potato salad in your face… bitch (i garuntee you no one will forget that name!)
crappy designs to go
i cant draw to save my life productions

and for the grand finally you should call your company

Shi**y Art Work INC. (or SAWI for short)

my work here is done… :smiley:

I have a little, still weak on meshing. Well, mabe weak on everything… I’m a novice, regardless.


I have a little, still weak on meshing. Well, mabe weak on everything… I’m a novice, regardless.[/quote]

Then you’ll need to practice a heck of a lot.

Nice names, Wu. You forgot,“Damn, I suck! Productions”