Compare render farm- which one is better: & rebus farm?

I have actually used both render farms and I use 3dsmax, vray. I am an interior designer and have been using different render farms and I can tell you the differences and what will benefit you more.
When I used Rebusfarm it was nice, but I now know that it has some cons when using it. I sent a few renderings from my interior scenes and it was very expensive but since that was the time I started using render farms I was impressed with the speed and thought that the cost was normal. Then you have to have everything organized such as your textures, plugins, maps, and all your settings otherwise it won’t render. Then if there are problems with the rendering they will message you which is a good thing, but they won’t continue the render until you fix absolutely everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong but Rebusfarm is good but I would say for smaller projects and if you don’t have a tight deadline. As I have used them for large architectural projects and they were not close to the quote that was given with their calculator and during tight deadlines I have found that they aren’t really good on response times with customer service even on their Germany working hours. So just be sure you know what you are getting into before sending your render to Rebusfarm.

Now iRender is a bit different from the average renderfarm that I find. Unlike Rebusfarm, it doesn’t have a plug-in that you download and a client. iRender brings a cloud GPU rental service that lets the users make use of the powerful and robust features of the servers at iRender while using their own computers on their own desk. Users will access the servers through Remote Desktop Application, and then, take full control of the remote machines.

I can send multiple files for renderings at once and not have to worry about the rendering being stopped just because one thing is missing. Also, their customer service is much better and they get back to you almost right away. I have also found that when using iRender my costs are MUCH less than before and you can even see it for yourself. They are one of the lowest priced render farms and it’s one of the reasons many people use them. I have also added one of their support teams Whatsapp numbers and whenever I need help right away she is able to reply me asap anytime and seems to be awake 24/7 and seems like she never sleeps but it’s always the same guy. I also love the convenience where I can see the progress of the rendering at any time if I need to fix something and render it again.

These services are readily available to offer you the power and expedience you need to put your project, concept, or presentation together quickly and beautifully.

Honestly you can try both Rebusfarm and iRender farm to see what you most prefer, but my preference is iRender farm for a few main reasons. One of them being is the convenience of their client and the user interface is simple that anyone can use. Two, it is very cost effective compared to many other render farms and allows you to save a lot on rendering costs for future and many other renders. Three, I can see the process of my rendering to see if I need to resend the rendering. Four, you can contact customer support at any time to customize the hardware upto your needs. Five, you are able to run single card software like Lumion, Sketchup, Unreal Engine, so on, which can’t be supported on other render farms. Six, the servers at iRender are highly available when you rent in days or week or month, users can access whenever they need without worrying about full servers or queueing in line like common cloud render farms. Next, as they don’t charge you for the transfering files. Lastly, their customer service is top notch so if you have a deadline you can contact them and they will always be happy to help. So those are my reasons but I suggest trying both renderfarms and see what you find suits you best.