comparing blender books

I compiled a comparison of 5 blender books, looking at coverage, depth and some other qualities. Completely subjective of course but still useful I hope to people who want to decide which book to buy:

if response is positive I intend to add new Blender books that I come across.


Thanks, Varkenvarken!
Very helpful for novice like me :slight_smile:

I bet you’re getting a lot of hits with a URL like that during a swineflu pandemic? =0

there might be a risk but luckily I have a virusscanner running on my webserver :slight_smile:

Hand me a mask, I’m going in!

Interesting comparisons. Thankfully I’ve been able to buy them as they have been released. They are all excellent to go through in depth, also great as reference. I like that some of the more recent books have been able to go off in different directions instead of trying to be everything to all people.

I hope you will update your comparison list as new books come out. It’s a good resource.

Thanks varkenvarken,
I have a suggestion for you to up your advertising dollars. Your links to Amazon are for your U.K.
readers yet your U.S. readers are not able to directly link. If it’s possible, you might gain more revenue
by providing a link for both.
Thank you for your reviews the are helpful.

P. Monk

@waystar: I certainly intent to update the list as I come across interesting Blender books (or DVDs, I think I will review the creature factory and mancandy DVD in the near future)

@pimpmymonkey: that’s a good idea: although earnings by referals are only a very secondary goal, I have changed the pages in a way that is the default and europeans can simply change that by clicking on the blue flag w. golden stars.