Comparing UV

A few simple questions. What are the main differences between UV Texturing and just importing something and placing it on the object, like a rock texture. Is the only difference that you can alter the image from GIMP/Photoshop through the UV process. What are the benefits of each path?

What do you mean by “importing something and placing it on the object”. In such a case how are you mapping the texture to the object?

Under textures, I go to add image or video and use a picture I acquired from the internet. Most recently I mapped rotting wood onto a dock using the option “flat surface” rather then cube or sphere. I believe there is a UV method called UV texturing that does something similar and wanted to know the difference. In the UV process are you able to unwrap it into squares and alter those individually?

Its more control over the mapping of the texture, you can mark seams then get blender to unwrap the mesh using the seams as borders.
You dont have to use other programs, but people do like to draw the texture in other programs or alter the uv map in other programs.