Comparison of octane and blender cycles material effects

I used quixel’s free material. The same material lacks a lot of details in Blender, and it is not as realistic as octane. But I see many excellent artists in the community who use blender to make very real materials. Is there something wrong with my method? Attach my material node.

Lighting and texture scaling seem way different. Other than that, bump mapping is as usual used “wrong”. Leave the effect at 1, and control its distance. But a distance of 1 means 1 meter between black and white, so it should probably be 0.001 (1 mm) or less, but can’t be sure without seeing what information is in the bump and normal map. When I want to use bump mapping, I always try it out first as adaptive subdivision and displacement. If there is an AO map, I might use it (or bump if grooves are here) on the specular. I’ve never used Octane so I don’t know how it’s hooked up.

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