Comparison of reality and CryEngine 2, not that different (link)

As you notice in some cases the difference is almost unnoticable. But you look how closely the CryEngine 2 emulates reality you can’t help but to be absolutely amazed:eek:

I don’t see what the big deal is. Its a very good engine, but personally, it doesnt look too realistic to me. Maybe another 2-3 years and we will have an actual photorealistic game.

When 64 bit computers come in full swing, we can have 18000 Tb of RAM in our systems. That’s in 10-20 years from now.

Or you can do it today. :wink:

That’s for servers as I read, for single personal computers you could purchase a Dual Quad Core machine (like the ones at the Blender Institute) with the latest GPU to run Crysis at Max settings at 60 FPS if only that game could use 8 cores.

crysis, 60FPS, hahahahhahaha

I anticipate better CG - last 1-2 years haven’t been too awesome in the games.

Screw realism. I say games look less and less good the closer to reality they take the graphics. I say the people making games are taking the ONE media that offers the freedom of expression to create any sort of virtual world they could possibly imagine, and they are squandering it by wasting all their effort in ‘simulating’ reality - something that would never really be possible. Ever. I’d rather they make a perfectly fake world than a flawed version of reality.

I love the bravia commercials tho. The one with the bunnies is awesome.

Plus, so much attention goes to graphics that you just know gameplay is gonna suffer.

What he said. ------^

Of course, it’s (probably) not true in all cases. But developers must never forget that what makes a game is its gameplay.

It’s just like crappy movies with fancy visual effects. All that budget went to waste…but the 3D looked nice.

ABSOLUTELY this is why oblivion with all of its glorious mapping techniques and all its fancy shaders will never have as good of a story and be as good of an rpg as morrowind was. You can’t replace a good story with a normal map it doesn’t work that way.