How might you make a compass that is attached to the GUI. it’s got to move a nd pitch with the view, but still track to a north location./ Any I deas? Everything I’ve done hasn’t worked.

I recently made a compass for my maze game. The easy solution that I found was to parent a plane with a compass image to the camera in the corner of the screen and to set it to rotate right when I pressed the key to turn the player left, and vice versa. This system assumes that your player will not move while you are not pressing a turn key, (i.e. you should use dRot). Just make sure that the compass turns at the same rate as the player, and you are all set.

For the letters of the cardinal directions, I added four separate planes with letter textures and vertex-parented them to the main plane so that they would remain vertical while moving around the circle.

I hope this works; it might be too simple for what you are trying to do.

it looks like it should mostly work, but would it handle vertical rotation?

If you just want it to point north, vertical rotation shouldn’t really matter, but I suspect that you could use the same method to make an arrow that tilts up and down, too.

Simplest solution…Use track to! Have an object off in the horizon representing North. Then, with the needle image, give it Always—And—TrackTo(EditObject) Give it the name of the object representing North and it will point.

That’s not quite what I mean. I’ll post a pic when I get home to explan it more clearly.