Compatible File Types?

Just wondering about Blender compatiblity…

For film: it can only load uncompressed avi? But it can save to quicktime and other formats?

Also, when I’m in File Browser, why does it seem like there are a lot of folders it can’t open for some reason?

For example, if I save something to the desktop, I have to move it into my documents or I can 't load it.

Why can’t Blender look on the desktop? :confused:

It can. It’s just the current version (2.41) doesn’t see the desktop as “the desktop”, it sees it as a directory (so, for example: "c:\Documents and Settings<username>\Desktop") The same applies for My Documents. On Windows 95/98/ME, thats “c:\windows\desktop” and “c:\My Documents” or something like those.

Ah! I get it now!

Thank you very much!