Competition Dev Log! (1/14/2012)

Hello Everyone!

I’m coming up with a few good concepts to try out for the competition. I have a prototype running for the game shown below, just working on the fun factor now.

I was thinking of having a vastly open world exploration shooter where you can journey all across a planet surface. You are updated on hotspots, where you will battle more intelligent enemies along side some support. Other than that, you are isolated, completing missions and fighting enemies. Your main goal is to protect mining camps, science labs, and colonies. If you fail to protect people, the blood is on your hands. You will get a large APC to venture in, giving you speed and armor. You will collect data, samples, and artifacts for the colony, but discovering the ancient society that once existed is your own mission. Ammo is scarce, so stocking up when you can is important. Just rambling some ideas…

If I switch to a different idea, it will still be posted here, thanks!

Simple mock-up of what I’m going for graphically. Samus?

This Picture gives a lovely Impression! I hope the Best for your Project.
( And my, does Samus look sweet! Like a Pixel-Chibi-Samus! ^‿‿^ )

Very interesting idea, and I love the look of it. It does indeed look like Samus. Cool style!

You got a lovely preview image,great contrast with beautiful colors. It will be intresting to see what you come up with.

Devlog I:
Hello again,
I got rid of the old prototype and redid it today. Basic movement down, I’m going to add more effects.

Anyone think it would be cool if enemies pixels fell off as you shot them? (dismemberment)

… Fly off and then fall. Some dinamic impact rather than just falling down. The image you posted looks realy nice. Please make him jump on enemies heads to kill them too.plsplspls… The shadow will show where the character is going to land as a targeting sistem.

I would like that game, thought I would only enjoy it if you decided to take it as a personal project rather than just for the competition. It could have a high replay value


If you need, SolarLune knows how to make this graph style you are aiming for; just visit his SoldierOf thread in this forum part.

Heh, it looks like Laxwolf knows about pixel-style - he’s doing it quite well. I like the movement and animation in the video. Keep making it, man!

Interesting choice of graphics for this kind of game, it seems to fit quite well :slight_smile: Nice project! :slight_smile:

Devlog II:
I decided to work on the game since it’s been a couple days. I added strafing and eight direction control as well as footprints.

looks neat! Cant see any footprints because of the video quality however

Looks beautiful so far…!

I think the purple glow could be 1( a little stronger in the middle (brighter) and 2( a little bigger with a longer “fade-out”. Otherwise, it looks absolutely fantastic so far.

Thank you! I will start exporting in a higher quality format because the recording really gets butchered in .wmv format.

Thanks a lot! And thank you for the suggestion, it really improved the look when I tried it out!

I’ll be posting a new devlog soon once I get the basics of every weapon implemented.

The end of that music in the video makes me imagine a huge pixel art boss fight; with pixels of the boss being taken away as he get hit or the boss would decrease size due to the pixels being taken away by the hero guns.

Devlog III: video is in HD
Added recoil, muzzle flash, effects, upgrade system, weakshot, strongshot, spreadshot, and some bug fixes.

I divided all the weapons into different types (energy, projectile, and beams) for upgrading and there are three tiers each.

  • weapons include weakshot, strongshot, spreadshot, missile, bomb, solarbeam, and icebeam (at the moment)

Nice update, i love the recoil!

These footsteps are very subtle to notice, even in HD; but if they are more defined at the game executable then there are no problem I guess. Also, if you press shift+space at the game view window, you will hide the sidebars, leaving more space to your game in your videos.

I’m waiting for more updates, this is a good game.


Unless there’s a camera shake effect, the character seems to be recoiling in more directions than he would - I think that he should recoil in just the opposite direction of his fire. That would be a nice touch, I think. Other than that, I’d say to increase the size of the bullets with different tiers, as the tiers look similar to each other.

Other than that, it’s awesome! I particularly liked the music, particularly the beginning half, for this kind of game - I think it matched pretty well. Keep going - I want to see how this turns out!

Thanks everyone!

There is a camera shake effect. There’s three different “recoil” effects, one being the camera shake, the other being the angle of the bullet when fired, and a physical recoil only on the strongshot, which throws the character a couple feet back in the opposite direction they are firing.

The upgrade system is also really just a simplified Totraum one. Totraum, you could upgrade rate of fire, damage, and range on every weapon. I wanted to keep it simple and balanced, so it was best just to change the rate of fire on the weakshot, the charge time on the strongshot, and the amount of bullet/spread on the spreadshot. I might consider upping the bullet size.

Thank you SolarLune!