Competition Entries Pack [download added!]

Edited my first post with download links! Enjoy, crits and comments welcome!

uploaded to

Thanks ideasman42, that should work better than my host, I have been having problems with them lately.

Please can someone upload with .zip?

Mokazon, did you try to run 7zip out of that folder I linked to? You should be able to just download that zip, and run 7zip from there. NO INSTALLATION. If it that does not work, tell me and I will figure something out. If you can only make use of zips, and not rar’s and 7z’s, you are missing out on more than just this pack. If you have a flash drive, you can install 7zip to that with portable apps ( The zip I put up earlier is the end result of the installation process (to a flash drive, not the operating system) and you should be able to run it with out doing any kind of installation or system modification. Good luck.

Hmm, I seem to get a connection time out error. I downloaded about 50mb of it before but it stopped, so I was about to try with a ownload manager but I get that error message now :frowning:

SpewBoy: I am getting problems from that link as well, I will have to talk to Ideasman42 about it. For now I still have it up on my own host. It has been giving me some problems lately, but it should eventually work. If it does not load at first you may have to try again a few more times.

In that case, I will probably download 7zip.
Spewboy: I had that same probalem when trying to upload my game. It was frustrating. :\

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<post moved>, thx Kupoman for linking to the right thread

Ideasman42: While I love getting posts in my thread, I think your comments are more fit for the discussion thread for the competition entries:

Okay. It’s all good. The download link started working earlier today, so my CG teacher downloaded it at school :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m late, yes my .pdf is fine, thanks for your work buddy!

tb1alexc: Added Tank Wars to my list of approved pdf’s

Any comments for improving the pack are more than welcome. And thanks for the positive comments so far.