Compicactus VTuber (TikTok)

Hi! I’m developing a virtual youtuber (for TikTok actually), it is a puppet made in Blender and Eevee

I’m using a Play Station Move controller to animate the puppet in real time. And for the moment I’m just filming the screen to get the video. The controller allows me to capture the position and rotation plus the state of the buttons and a trigger.

I will be upgrading the character, animating some elements using the music, and controlling the expressions using the buttons.

To watch the videos: - Follow here to get updates

Feedback is welcomed!

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Awesome. I just installed TIkTok yesterday. Are you controlling the char via U4? or Unity?

Thanks! I’m using an open source driver with a custom built software to capture the data. And blender with a custom script to animate the character on Blender.

Welcome to TikTok, feel free to follow (I know literally no one with an account XD)