Compile movies?


Being a newbie in animation I have a question.

I’m working on an animation (movie). I prepare small scenes, which I save after rendering. In the end I want to place the scenes one after another to make up the animation. I know of the option to compile frames into a movie but cannot find a way to do something like that with movies (made from all the differet scenes).

Any tips and/or suggestions?

KR, Leo.

You could just add scenes to the video editing. Just append the scenes from all the different blender files you have and just add the scenes from the video editor.

Hi BigBlend,

Thanks for the quick response.

To be sure I understand you well: I save the individual frames as e.g. PNG. Later on I use the Video Sequence Editor to compile those into a single movie file per scene. With the same editor I can combine all the movies per scene to a complete animation.

Is this the (best) way to do it?

KR, Leo

Yes, you can work with both image sequences and movie files in the VSE. I’d keep everything as image sequences as long as possible though, so you aren’t re-encoding multiple times - that drops the final quality.

Yes it is the best way but I was thinking of something else.
I mean you can import 3D scenes from different blend files and add then one after the other in the video editor.

There should be a tutorial somewhere for that.

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