Compile stopping at stubs.c'


I’ve been trying to build for 3 days with the Bmesh blender files and the lib on win64. I followed all the directions here about building with VS express 2008 and Scons and the workaround for 64 bit. It will compile for like 8 minutes and then say the following. I searched for this stubs.c phrase and couldnt find a definitive answer on what to do.

Need help.

source\blenderplayer\bad_level_call_stubs\stubs.c(371) : error C2059: syntax error

scons: *** [C:\BlenderSVN\build\blender25-win64-vc\source\blenderplayer\bad_level_call_stubs\stubs.obj]Error 2
scons: building terminated because of errors

So, I tried compiling again and I deleted the stubs.h from the directory it was in and put in a modified version that I found here

It builds for longer, like 20 minutes, but I get an error about unresolved external symbols. What should I do? I was under the impression that all I had to do was follow the instructions from the Dev wiki and if I wanted a different branch just download that and put it in the same place as the lib and it would work. I dont want to compile without bmesh because I am trying to modify/develop tools that work with it


  • please always include full output text of the build error, not screenshots.
    (Google redirecting output on the command line)

… trying to remotely troubleshoot someone elses build issues is painful enough without having to guess what important info might be above the scroll buffer.

  • make sure your lib dir is up to date

  • make sure to revert any patches or edits you’ve made.

  • you could try CMake and see if it works?

Thanks. I got it to work on the first try with CMake and visual studio. I have built the 64bit bmesh.

However, Im following a video tutorial that shows him making a project in QtCreator and changing the color of the things that you resize windows with from Black to Green and then he saves his file and the changes immediately show up.

I made the same changes and the saved the file but cant get these changes to show although I made the same. I imagine that I need to build the project again inside of QtCreator since I have only done it in VS???

I looked at the linux QtCreator instructions on the wiki and I am confused as what to do. It says to

From your cmake dir run blenders project file generator. You may want to make some short cut to this - a shell script, bash alias or QtCreator external command all work fine.

cd ~/blender-svn/build
python3.2 …/blender/build_files/cmake/

so I would open up the windows cmd line and cd

then what about this second line? Python3.2 isnt defined and also inside of C:/BlenderSVN_64/cmake64/CmakeFiles/ am I supposed to make an empty file called and do

cd C:/BlenderSVN_64/cmake64
python3.2 C:/BlenderSVN_64/cmake64/CMakeFiles/

because python3.2 isnt recognized as an internal or external command.


In regards to my previous question I just decided to use Visual Studio as my IDE. works fine.