compiled file icon

I posted a similar question in the software forum, and found some useful things, but I still didn’t find anything that worked right. My problem is that I need a way to change the icon in the compiled Blender game file. Two programs have been suggested to me, one of which did nothing whatsoever, and the other changed the icon but corrupted the file. Perhaps someone has changed the source to be able to do this, or has found a program or method that works? I know it is possible, as the “Frogger” game made with Blender has a frog icon. No offence to anyone, but please only respond to this if you actually know what you’re talking about and can help. Thanks.

Oh, this was just discussed a couple days ago, it’s still on the first page!

Please use the search before posting a question, thank you.

In windows you can change the icon by right clicking, go to properties, and click the button that says change icon…

iirc that is only for shortcuts

and if it isn’t, it certainly doesn’t work in windows 98