Compiling an old Blender Predecessor

Ok, So I just found an old Source code from There I found what supposedly, old software that was the predecessor of Blender. The software is called Traces, and it was made for SGI Workstation. Recently I and my friend revived the Amiga version of Traces. We manage to Install and run the software in an emulator.
But this version of Traces is different from the one we got. It was supposedly made during the time where Traces is being rewritten on SGI, and this is before the software gets renamed into Blender. For what the software might look like, there’s a video where Ton Roosendaal runs the software on his SGI Indy Workstation.
There are a lot of things I want to know about this source code. One of which is the possibility of compiling this software. I don’t know if this was possible since the software was so old and made for a different system. The software was possibly written in C. If there’s anyone who knows about coding or even has the compiled version of this. Please let me know.

Also, here’s the code.