Compiling Blender 2.78 with custom splash screen

Hi, I was following the guide here at:

So I downloaded all dependencies and repository from svn, did the change on the
for my new splash screen after running on my splash.png image. I got the
splash.png.c image all good.

Set all environment variables for GIT, SVN, Python, Cuda, Silk from PATH

I can run everything fine as the tutorial mentions, except when I´m about to create the project (Make)
Because I get an error that there´s no compiler library.

So I go and also download C++ libraries from MSvisual studio 2015 x64 (and yes, the folder
/lib/win64_vc14 is there). So it finishes and I use Git GUI to try to build the project, but says
it failed finding gitlists.txt or something like that.

So I´m pulling my hair here, since I got 30GB of download between all the applications and repository
and still can´t compile blender with CUDA and with my splash screen.

What steps should I check? or could anyone please UPDATE blender 2.6 documentation so that
a change of splash screen can be done in a new recompiled distro?

ps: I read about the bullS### where people were ripping off business tailoring lies to get customers pay for blender
and delete them credits.

I´m not looking to do that, I just want to know how to include my screen as part of other addons
I´d like to add on my own setup of Blender (customize once and reuse forever: shortcuts, fonts, panels, etc…)


The pages in the blender wikia have been deleted, could someone help me please on compiling blender with a custom splash screen on 2017. Blender 2.79?