Compiling Blender cvs in Linux with Scons

Well I got Scons up and going to compile the latest cvs build of Blender in Mandriva. I ran into a problem so I posted a chunk of the error code here-

source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.cpp:30:17: error: SDL.h: No su
ch file or directory
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:41: error: 'SDL_Event
' does not name a type
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:45: error: ISO C++ fo
rbids declaration of 'SDL_Joystick' with no type
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:45: error: expected '
;' before '*' token
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h: In constructor 'SCA_
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:48: error: class 'SCA
_Joystick::PrivateData' does not have any field named 'm_joystick'
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_JoystickPrivate.h:48: error: 'NULL' was
 not declared in this scope
source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.cpp: In member function 'void

bf-blender/build/linux2/source/gameengine/GameLogic/Joystick/SCA_Joystick.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.

What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

had the same yesterday on Ubuntu with a fresh checkout. Install the sdl stuff + devels, and fill in the paths in config.opts.

Now do I have to fill in all of the other lib paths or just the sdl stuff in the config.opts? Just asking as a first time user of Scons. The other paths should be easy to find with - whereis “pkg”. Now that’s something I couldn’t do in windows. Thanks for your help Daniel.

BTW, can you get the Scons command “scons wininst” to compile a Blender.exe for Windows in Linux?

i pm’ed you my config…

Thank you. This will really get my Linux box up to speed compiling.

Well it looks like scons finishes the build but where is the Blender exe? I see the Blenderplayer exe in the base dir of the sources. There is a new document named “blender” with “0” size (empty document). But there is no blender exe in the base dir. What up with this? Here is the end of the build output-

blalblabla.......................lfreetype -lz -lblender_FTF -lextern_ftgl -lfreetype -lz -lKX_blenderhook -lKX_converter -lPHY_Dummy -lPHY_Bullet -lPHY_Physics -lKX_ketsji -lSCA_GameLogic -lRAS_rasterizer -lRAS_OpenGLRasterizer -lblender_expressions -lSG_SceneGraph -lblender_MT -lKX_blenderhook -lKX_network -lblender_kernel -lNG_network -lextern_bullet -lNG_loopbacknetwork -lPHY_Sumo -lPHY_Physics -lblender_MT -lextern_solid -lextern_qhull -lblender_python -lpython2.4 -lSDL -lpthread -lpng -ljpeg -lz -lm -lutil -lstdc++ -lGL -lGLU
scons: Nothing to be done for `default'.
scons: done building targets.

Arghhhhhhhhh! The freaking kde Konqueror file browser showed my fresh new blender exe as an empty document. Nautilus didn’t lie it showed me the real file. Stupid kde file browser.

Another sweet new Blender cvs build lives again, this time in Linux. Sweet!

Oh snap. Now I have to build Yafray.