Compiling Blender - I can't find the code!

I’m trying to figure out how to do my own compile of blender.
After finally giving up on getting into the CVS, I decided to grab the “daily CVS Checkout”.
Only I don’t know where to find the right code. It looks like the download is only the bf branch of blender, while I’m looking for the experimental build.
If the experimental code is in the dailly build (if it isn’t, what’s the point of a dailly update?), where is it?
And if it isn’t, is there any other way to get it, than through the CVS? (I will get the CVS figured out eventually…)

the experimental branch is dead.

If you are on windows you can use tortoise CVS as an easy to use checkout method for CVS.


I’m trying to compile on Linux (fedora 4) but maybe I’ll just go back to win for now…

When you say the experimental branch is dead, do you mean in the daily builds, or in the entire project? If so, how do stable versions work, just snapshots that are availlable off the site?

If you want new features, a checkout from the latest cvs is the way to go.

You do know about the blender wiki, yes?

Compiling is harder than checking out. That is all I’m going to say.

We might start doing working branches (ie the upcomming renderer work already has a branch started but no commits have been done on it…)), but currently yes it is snapshots. (we do a stable branching before each release, but all work generally continues in the main tree)

The code is base is currently in a ‘freeze’ and we have a beta either this weekend or sometime next week.


Some poor attemts of mine to explain WinCvs (gCvs should work more or less the same I suppose.):

Yet another thread:

MinGW specific:

EDIT: Also, there’s free version of VS2005 (IDE, not just compiler) now. But to my knowledge, no one tried to build Blender with that yet.

Edit 2: found recent Linux-specific thread: