Compiling Blender with hair on GPU patch


I have been searching the internet far and wide for a build that enables hair on the GPU, but with no result. So I decided that perhaps paying someone to build one for me is the way to go.
What I need is someone to build me a Blender for Windows 64-bit with this patch:
If the patch is not too old to work (I dont know how this works)

I don’t know how complex this is or how long time it actually takes, so please name a price you think would be fair to us both :slight_smile: I will pay using PayPal. Delivery through dropbox, skydrive or similar would be preferable.

Gustav Nilsson

Hello Gustav,
I have a build in the oven with this patch applied on Win7.x64, I reverted the Revision to 54819 for the patch.
Any new features added since r54819 will be missing.
I should have asked first what GPU you have for the Cuda Kernels, but… I’m building w/ the default sm_20;sm_21;sm_30.

As for money… Don’t get me wrong, I love money, and my wife loves spending it even more, but…
I would rather see you donate it to the developer Broadstu or the Blender foundation to support the developers for the work they are doing coding all of these features for all of us to enjoy.

I’ll let you know if the build goes well.

Happy Blending

Wow, that is very nice of you! :smiley: Really, I appreciate it. I already give to the developer fund every month and has done so since it started, so I hope that will cover it in your eyes :slight_smile: I have GTX 580s in case that breaks anything.

And there is absolutely no hurry, just let me now whenever you can :slight_smile:

You too!


Hi Gustav,
I tested the hair on my gpu(560)…
The hair did load and render, but I didn’t notice any gains, may even be better on cpu…

Broadstu, made a cycles hair: comment today on strand minimum pixel size r56072
So we never know whats up their sleves for future hair on gpu, down the road :RocknRoll:

Anywho, here is the build
I’ll leave it up for a few days.

Glad I was able to help. :slight_smile:


Wow, THANK YOU! That is all I can say :smiley: I am sad to hear that you did not gain any speed, but at least I can happily report that when rendering my character it is more than 3 times faster (i5 2500k vs GTX 580) with times of 00:55 vs 03:25 :slight_smile: Better than I expected!

If you want to you can remove it now from your dropbox to save space since I have already saved it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Thank you for the uploaded build, anyway there is no great difference between between cpu and single gpu (like i7quadcore and gtx 560) in cycles.

Bump for great justice! Sorry to kick into a conversation, but id love to test out the patched build aswell, would it be too much to ask for a link aswell?

Sure, give me your email and I will send it to ya :slight_smile:
Keep in mind that any new features added after r54819 will be missing.
It is built w/ the default sm_20;sm_21;sm_30 cuda Kernels.