compiling blender

I looked at the cvs instructions on compiling blender and it says modulename at the end of the command line. I’m on linux using ubuntu. What module name would I want to use and how do I express it? Is it the source section in the repository? Do I need to list branches?

Any help from someone who knows anything about cvs would be appreciated. I’m interested in getting the latest game engine release but would like to see the whole thing. Does the scons script work? I’ve heard there’s one. After it’s downloaded does it just compile like regular source code? Do I need a special folder for it?

module name = blender

you need scons installed on your box

download to a folder of your choice, say “cvs” :slight_smile:

then from terminal cd /cvs/blender

then just enter “scons” in the terminal

folder with the output will be created


Thanks much.