Compiling Bullet 3

Hey! So, I’m trying to compile Bullet 3 to use it with my game, and it ain’t working so well. I kinda have to wonder why it doesn’t come with a precompiled download… Anyway, anyone here got 'em up and running? :smiley: Maybe put 'em up on Mediafire or Google Drive.

hmmm looking like nice game as well…

I don’t follow… Regardless, I just compiled it on a computer that doesn’t run Windows 8. So problem solved.

Do you have it compiled with the BGE?

Ha, BGE works fine with Bullet. I am making a game with BGE but I am also making a game using C++ code. So, yeah…

Want to benchmark something for me?

Bullet 2 vs bullet 3?

My walking ragdoll actor?

it’s a 13MB file (my tech demo for Wrectified)

Sure. And I actually decided to go with Bullet 2, believe it or not. Lol. I’m gonna be using DirectX. Unless I can figure out an easier way to get OpenGL working. - Wrectified Mit 3.0 CC

Tech Demo

(building mechanics and weapons systems not up yet)

Physics usage?% ms etc?

what is your video card?

Was somewhat lagging, but that’s expected with my specs. But looked good regardless! Keep it up!

Thats Jackii’s Rig - (rigdoll) my animations and logic based controls, Akira_san’s protagonist rig modified by me, and everything else, is me+ the community.