compiling plugins on Irix

(Kid Tripod) #1

Does anyone know how to compile sequence plugins on Irix? I’m on 6.2 (to make things interesting)


(theeth) #2

cd to the dirrectory of the plugin and use make.

I think that’s it…


(macke) #3

Yup, cd to the plugin dir and type make

Remember that you must have paths set up correctly so that gcc or cc can be found. I guess that with 6.2 cc didn’t need a license, so cc should work. And I think that its in /etc/bin or sbin, which most often is in the path. So just try make, if that doesn’t work, make sure the makefile can find the compiler.

PS. If you can’t get it to work at all, you can private message me with the errors and stuff so I can help.

(S68) #4

Eventually, downloag GNU C and install it.

Most UNIces came with a crippled cc which is the minimum required to have the OS work, but they are also enought to build GNU C, so that you have a full C compiler… free :slight_smile:

GNU C is wonderfull, It builds itself with your C compiler, the re-compiles itself with its first -unoptimized because built with a dumb C- buid I love this meta-things…

MAKE, on the other hand, is an utility which is not vital, so you can lack it.

You can downloag GNU make utility for free.


(Kid Tripod) #5

cheers guys

most useful

(macke) #6

s68, you can’t make me switch from mipspro to Gay-CC, ever ;oP